Mrs. Merrick's Classroom Website


We have an exciting and challenging year ahead of us.  I want all of my students to reach their full potential and develop a positive self-image.  I expect all students to demonstrate a respectful attitude towards themselves and others.  The following are ways we can work together to make sure your child has a successful school year.

                                                                                Homework Policy

Students are expected to copy their homework from the board into their agenda daily.  I expect parents to check their agenda so they are aware of their child’s daily learning.  Your child will have homework in Literacy and Math.  Each student will have a HOMEWORK CHART on the board to track completed homework. 

*Spelling words are given weekly and written in agendas.  There is not any written homework.  We will use the words during the week in varies subjects, but it is the student’s responsibility to study these words throughout the week and prepare for Friday’s test.*

                                                                                REWARD POLICY

Students will be given a sticker book to track all of their “GOOD THINGS”, such as homework completion, being on time for school, behavior, attendance, participation, kindness, and teamwork.   Students will be able to spend their stickers and shop in the MERRICK STORE once a month. 

                                                                                CLASSROOM RULES

Students are responsible for respecting our classroom rules.  A parent/guardian will be notified by email/phone if their child is not respecting our classroom rules.

  1.  Work as a TEAM.
  3. LISTEN to others.
  4. Be RESPECTFUL to everyone.
  5. Be KIND and HELPFUL.
  6. Do your BEST.


Every Wednesday I will pass back your child’s work in a folder I have provided.  Please remove and review the work, sign the front of the folder, and return it Thursday.  If you do not receive a Wednesday folder that means your child never returned it to me with a parent’s signature or lost it.  Please contact me if this becomes habit forming or with any questions/concerns…

I look forward to working with your child and you this school yearJ

Mrs. Merrick